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My name is Marina Rykmanova. I am pleased to welcome you on my website of the pomeranian Kennel PomFavorit.

I am very engaged in rare colors of breed Pomeranian. We have orange, cream, black and tan,  cream-sable, parti,  wolf and red color poms. To become some rare colors we have to make a very important breeding work, studying pedigrees and prove gene ancestors. In last 10 years we got great results in all colors and we are very proud of our dogs. 

In our kennel we pay a special attention to feeding of the dogs. We believe that the natural food is a base for good health and immunity. That’s why we use only natural meat meals, as well as the only natural vitamins and mineral supplements of the highest quality. 

I especially want to emphasize that our dogs get only raw meat. We believe that the raw meat without heat treatment can form a correct digestion and health for whole body. If you care about your pet’s health and you have questions about natural feeding dogs, please contact us and we will share with you our feeding tips. The basic principles of our natural feeding you can read also on this website.


For any questions, you can contact me by e-mail, whats app or on facebook, you find the contact information on the page Contacts

Yours, Marina Rykmanova


Rykmanova Marina FCI RKF 10330 999 WhatsApp +35 9878226278 (Bulgaria) pomfavorit@mail.ru Facebook.com/marina.rikman